Our Team


In-Country Support

Forward thinking entrepreneur. Bo maintains continuity and stability to our operations in-country.


Lead Creative

A fountain of fresh ideas. He continually brings new artistic vision to everything we do.


Executive Producer

Espresso maniac and musician at heart. He bends light and sound to craft our unique media and message.


Business Development

Experienced business consultant. His well-rounded background continually adds depth to every area of business development.


Industry Expert

An advocate with uncompromising integrity. He provides insights at the leading edge of the global coffee industry.



All or nothing business professional. His discipline and pursuit of excellence brings the vision to life.



Devil-may-care adventurer and connector. He is the creative visionary that opens doors and propels us forward..

Senior Advisors

Sage Advice

Brian, Dorine, Billy, Henry, Nick, Chris, Mark, Vaden, Sandy, and Mathias; to you, we are thankful. The council
of many brings success.

Who We Are

We are trailblazers, adventurers, and professionals with a desire to serve. We are wired to challenge convention. In a world of increasing negativity and social distance, we are running hard to better the lives of all those we encounter, to get close to them, and to be the change that we want to see take place.

What We Do

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to build connections and find win-win solutions to problems, big and small.

Through Kàfé, we empower the farmers of Laos by connecting them directly to the US marketplace; direct trade allows them to receive 2.5-3x more per pound for their coffee. The extensive effort of the Laos farmers allows us to serve our customers some of the most unique and highly refined coffee available.

Have We Peaked Your Interest?

Stay tuned for more exclusive offers, coffees, and Adventures from Laos!

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