The Mission of KAFE

With restricted market access, many small-plot farmer-owners in Laos have been selling their coffee at below-commodity prices. By building a bridge between them and US coffee enthusiasts, KÀFÉ serves to unlock the full potential of Laos.
Farmers are finally able to receive rewards and recognition for the excellent coffee they produce – more than fair trade!

Meet The Farmers

Thojo Thalangsy

53 / Ban Dan Savang, Laos

Thojo is a farmer and leader of his 122-family community in Ban Dan Savang village, where he lives and works with this wife, Chanty and their three daughters. In 2004, he also become the head of a local co-op that serves the farmers through training, coffee processing, and support with organic certification.

In his “free time” he enjoys spending time with his family and tending his goats, cows, and varied flocks! Thojo has a vision of the special quality of Laos coffee, and he never stops the grind to see it become world renown!

Ngon Chanthaban

37 / Ban Dan Savang, Laos

After moving around much of South East Asia, working in food service, and prospecting for jade in rugged mountains, Ngon has now decided to try his hand at farming coffee. Always looking for a new way to live life and being an entrepreneur at heart, Ngon is excited to learn and deploy new methods to improve his harvest!

Ngon is so excited that he sings as energetically in the orchard as in the karaoke bar!

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